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Map Products

We are able to produce standard and custom maps with our map team that offers special solutions for your institution in the field of cartography (cartography). You can buy our maps immediately by paying instantly with your credit card with the assurance of PayU, BKM Express and PayPal or by using the payment method by wire transfer.

Standard maps

Our standard maps are of two types:

1-Maps in high resolution JPG format that you can download to your computer as soon as you buy it.

2- Ready maps that can be prepared according to the frame and printing type you choose and sent to your address by courier.

These maps will be delivered to you without any personalization or modification, even though you will see them in the examples.

If you choose to purchase a map in high resolution JPG format; After downloading the file to your computer, you will be able to print it out at any time.

Maps you purchase in JPG format are sent to the e-mail address you will inform us within 2 hours at the most. The delivery time of the printed maps you request is maximum 9 business days.

Turkey Physical Map

Marmara Villages Map

World Political Map

Istanbul Asian Side Map

Istanbul European Side Map

Physical Map of the World

Istanbul Touristic Map

Turkey Political Map

Istanbul Neighborhood Map

Turkey Geographic Regions Map

Istanbul Map

Ankara Street Map

Bursa Map

Turkey Districts Map

Istanbul Street Map

Special Maps

Custom maps are maps designed or customized (personalized) according to your needs.

Your company logo, dealer / franchise / branch / store, etc. By applying your requests such as your points, special colors for you, we prepare your maps in high resolution JPG or printed (framed, coated etc.) and deliver them to your address.

Prices of special maps are determined by the evaluation of your requests. The delivery time will be calculated according to the preparation process and will be notified to you. You can pay by credit card via bank transfer or Paypal.

Operational Maps (Point or zone map)

Operational Maps (Route / route map)

Operational Maps (Package service / distribution map)

Street Indexed Maps

Wall Maps

Foldable Maps, Booklets

Local government maps

Ready Custom Maps

These are maps previously prepared by Mapaktif in line with some special demands. You can order them right away (without waiting for the design) to purchase in high resolution JPG or in print. Delivery conditions are applied as in standard maps. You can view our ready-made special maps using the links below.

The pricing of ready-made custom maps varies according to the type and size of the coating. Payments are made by bank transfer. After completing the payment, please do not forget to make the payment notification on our page.

World Ports Map

Levent Plaza Map

Etiler Site Map

Mega Projects Map


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