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POI Media Service

We ensure that your business data is accurately and effectively included in location-based (social) media such as Google Plus, Facebook Places, Foursquare, Yandex, TomTom, Navteq and that you do corporate communication and marketing in these media. We offer a comprehensive MEDIA management service for your points of interest (store, branch, dealer, etc.), ie POIs.

How we do it

  • We collect point contents from you (workplace names, addresses, contact information, images, etc.).

  • If your content is missing, we complete it (even if it is necessary to physically visit your points)

  • We make your addresses perfect with our software called Doctor Address (spelling mistakes, missing elements, geographic position, etc.)

  • We format your data specifically for the media we target.

  • We transmit your data to these media on your behalf, we follow it and ensure its publication.

  • We report our work to you.

  • Then, when updating is required, we do all the update work.

Thanks to Poimedia, people can easily find and interact with you in these location-based social media. Your corporate identity represents you completely in all these channels.

So why should we be in these media?

Location-based media are increasingly being used by consumers to access products and services, and therefore to businesses. These location-based map applications are very important as they also cause physical interaction of brands with their customers. If you are not found here, your dealers, stores and franchisees will be out of your control.

The presence and effective use of location-based web and mobile applications by a brand with physical locations provides serious support for both corporate communication and marketing activities.

Mapaktif A.Ş., which supports the physical locations of the institutions, namely dealers, stores, branches, franchisees, agencies, etc., to be included in popular map-based applications, to manage data, and to support effective corporate communication and marketing activities on these media. The e-marketing team calls this service "media". Point Of Interest (POI), ie points of interest, generally refers to business data.

Thanks to Poimedia, businesses do not need to allocate time and resources for data generation, updating, claiming, standardization and campaign management processes in multiple media.

If you want to have more detailed information about Poimedia, please contact us .

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