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Geodyzer is a web based GIS (Geographic Information System) application. It has been developed to make it easier for your business to make its operational and marketing decisions geographically.

With Geodyzer, you can create regions (polygons), view multiple data layers (customers, branches, competitors, businesses, demographics, sophistication, etc.) on the map at the same time, and make detailed queries and analysis. Thus, in which geography, you can plan your operations or marketing in a healthier way.

Point Management

Thanks to the point management, which is the first of the main functions of Geodyzer, you can quickly and effectively transfer the data you want to see on the map, geocode, address optimization and use in analysis (such as customer data, dealer and sales points, branches, franchise points) to Geodyzer. It is very easy to search and find your points in Geodyzer. In Geodyzer, you can strengthen point management with keywords and group your data.

Nokta Yönetimi - Geodyzer.png

Polygon Management

Thanks to the Geodyzer, you can easily create many regions such as your distribution regions, target geographic regions on a map. While setting up your regions in the Geodyzer, you can create regions specific to your operational needs, or create new regions by combining administrative regions (province, district, neighborhood, etc.).

Poligon Yönetimi - Geodyzer.png

Queries and Analysis

You can make queries on the Geodyzer not only for your own points and polygons (zones), but also using additional data layers. For example, you can see the commercial business density within the boundaries of a district, view the demographic and socio-economic data of the districts of that district on the map thanks to the Geodyzer, view the sales points of your competitors, turnover at your own points, customer and order numbers. Thanks to these layers, you can make more effective decisions with the queries you create in the Geodyzer.

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Reports and User Management

You can enable different departments and different personnel to use the Geodyzer at different authorization levels. In Geodyzer, you can customize authorization levels to your workflow.

Geodyzer can report all the data and queries it visualizes. In addition, you can easily make your operation plans by taking the map views you have created as printouts or jpeg.

Raporlar ve Kullanıcı Yönetimi - Geodyze

Who Can Use?

You can view your customer data of your organization on the Geodyzer and perform location-based analysis. Of course, Geodyzer is not just a mapping software that visualizes your organization's data. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to query and display many different data served by Mapaktif. These data are poi information, socio-economic data (square meter unit values of the land), demographic data (age, gender, education, etc.) of approximately 2,000,000 businesses.
Areas that you can use Geodyzer by integrating into your corporate system or on the web:

  • Location optimization of your branches and ATMs (choosing the most efficient areas considering the position of their competitors)

  • Detection of areas not served by seeing our customer distribution

  • Transfer of customers between branches with customer branch proximity match

  • Branch performance analysis (You can measure performance by visualizing the companies you work around the branches and the businesses in our database that match your goals in different colors)

  • Determining the targets of the sales personnel in the branch or affiliated to the headquarters by determining the locations of potential customers

  • Selected customer group, city or country classification in the socio-economic or demographic data range (such as heat map-customer density map)

  • Displaying special regions for your organization on the map and using them in operational systems if desired

  • Geographic market analysis by dividing the desired city or country according to customer types (which products should be offered in which areas)

  • Determination of spending areas according to customers' card usage

  • Determination of new store locations to be opened

  • Creating the most efficient service regions

  • For companies providing package service to customers; Directing the order to the correct branch by indexing the roads falling within the service areas

  • Customer branch matching

  • Creating regional customer loyalty maps according to repetitive orders

  • Display of competitors, businesses or customers at certain distances around the branch, provided that it is the center

  • Target audience density can be determined

  • Productivity analysis can be done by comparing the potential, customer and sales within the branch regions.

  • Density can be determined by visualizing customer sales information on the map.

  • The products purchased by the customers can be displayed on the map and regional product demand density can be created. This intensity can be used in your marketing activities.

  • Branch optimization (evaluating regional potential when opening new sales points or finding branches that were opened more than necessary on time)

  • Potential analysis (Evaluating the relationship between the regional business potential and the number of sales points

  • Target audience analysis

  • Determination of the region or regions where there are sufficient sales points

  • Productivity analysis (Comparison of the profitability of agencies / branches in the same potential)

  • Marketing analysis (Analyzing in which regions the product can be sold according to the target audience and carrying out appropriate advertising activities)

What can be done with the Geodyzer?

Starting fees for the geodyzer?

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