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Urban Information System

Mapaktif A.Ş. It offers municipalities the opportunity to establish a city information system free of charge or with reasonable budgets and to convert and publish any data they have in GIS format.

Mapaktif Urban Geographic Information System on the internet for all districts in Turkey I are live at the address. Past political election results and analysis data, socio-economic and demographic data, commercial enterprise data for all districts are available on the Mapaktif Urban Information System. Municipalities can easily integrate the currently published city information system application into their own websites and provide the benefit of their visitors free of charge.

The free version of the city information system includes neighborhood-based election results, neighborhood-based demographic and socio-economic data, district-based institution or business search-listing functions, and general (representative) service / work data of the municipality.

In the special version, which can be prepared for a fee, CAD-based or mapped information in the databases of the municipalities is converted into a geographical information system format. Municipalities can instantly change their services, activities, road - pavement works, water cuts, urban transformation, newly opened buildings, meeting places, etc., and show the citizens on the map. In addition, if desired, election results, general demographic data, socio-economic data and business / institution search skills can be published.

All districts in Turkey free to access geographic information systems and to examine the city I can visit.


Mapaktif A.Ş. There are 2 versions of the city information systems application prepared by.


With the free version, you can view the neighborhood boundaries within your municipality boundary, and access the number of population, education, number of households, workplace and political election results. You can access the information of the occupational groups in the region you have determined by searching the workplace or address.

If the basic data of your district municipality is available in our system, you can use this service free of charge. You can easily add Mapaktif City Information System to your district municipality website. But if you want to add or update your neighborhood boundaries as a municipality, please contact us.


It is an application that contains different details from the free version. From the free version, you can make large-scale inquiries and views, and open as many layers as you want. With this application;

  • It is ensured that the municipalities have income from the advertisements on the map published on their pages, the sponsor company, the priority of the query as a result

  • Municipalities are enabled to view data, share data with citizens and promote

  • Road lines

  • Special layers such as bicycle paths, playgrounds

  • Building projections

  • Door number (numbering)

  • Parcel

  • Island

  • Displaying municipal works (road construction - pavement construction, etc.) on the map You can query and show the information of municipality service points and areas.

Apart from the above-mentioned procedures, Municipalities can convert all kinds of data in their possession to GIS (GIS) data and perform field operations (collecting door numbers, determining the location of workplaces in the district).

Annual Usage Fee >> 1.180 TL

* VAT is included in our prices.

This price does not include the data integration studies mentioned above. Pricing is made according to the data integration needs.

* Click to view our contract text .

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