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Field Data Operations

1400 people across Turkey thanks to GPS and special software can recall data point in each region you want our staff, our ability to follow in real time.

You can get the x and y coordinates of these points, nameplates and sector breakdowns as standard. You can also collect other information that suits your needs.

Will you enter the market with a new product? Let's determine the locations of your possible sales points and reach the authorized names you need to contact.


Our organization spread all over Turkey, which regulates the operations team manages their regions. Thus, we work quickly, with a very low error margin and at an affordable cost. For us, site addresses are not just main streets. We successfully collect data even on closed streets and streets by sweeping method.

You can get the points collected in the format you want, even in real time.

We investigate and determine your strengths or weaknesses on behalf of you.


Are your products presented correctly at your points of sale, are your ads located in the area you want, or what are the availability rates of your competitors at that point?

We are ready to be your eye on the field to create more effective and active sales channels.

Our teams can be monitored in real time, both thanks to team leaders and special equipment.

If you want to get more detailed information about field data operations, you can contact us on our contact page.

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