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Business Database

Turkey's most comprehensive and most current database of private and public workplaces İŞVET consisting of a qualified work record more than 2 million POI (point of interest) database.

What is Business Database?

Office, workshop, factory, workshop, hospital, shop, store, school, restaurant, classroom, land registry office, notary, clinic etc. for your corporate versatile data needs. You can find all points in economic activity işvet Turkey.

Up-to-dateness is essential for data. Mapaktif keeps İşvet up-to-date with field and office teams: New points are added to İşvet, closed ones are removed, and those whose information is changed are also updated.

Yes, to increase your customer portfolio; find new sales points; It allows you to increase your sales and profitability. Each record in İşvet contains data such as the workplace name, title, address, geographical coordinates, contact information, field of activity and brands.

Geographical criteria such as province, district, neighborhood, geographical position (coordinate) or field of activity, brand, etc. You can select the data you want from İşvet using the criteria; Excel etc. can analyze with tools; You can visualize it on maps.

It allows you to plan and marketing activities more effectively;

  • You can reach potential customers of a new product that you put on the market,

  • You can reach businesses in target regions to expand your current sales network,

  • You can analyze your competitors,

  • You can strengthen your sales and marketing channels.

You can buy business data in a table (database) format, or you can get as many as you want via web services that can be integrated into your software.

Where are your competitors, potential customers or potential sales points?

You can get the answer to this question through Ishvet. Thus, before you go to the region, you can make your plans easier thanks to the information in our database. You can get the market, bank, hairdresser, gas station, restaurant or any other sector in the region you choose, their numbers and detailed contact and company information. You can provide the point information of the sector or sectors you want in 380 sub-breakdowns, company name, address, exact x and y coordinates, sectoral characteristics, etc. together with the information you want, or by positioning them on digital maps.

Web service, poi service, business web service, company web service services are also provided to the companies that demand.

Thanks to the field operations power of İşvet Mapaktif with 1400 people, it is updated and expanded every day. Call us to reach Turkey's most reliable and extensive company database.
If you want to examine sample data for business, you can visit our website.


Business Database Statistics?

Job data information

City-based occupation class (Category) Click here to see the full list of the number of jobs (XLS format)

Business database consists of business name, address, class, coordinate, chain and brand classes. If you wish, you can download the sample business data from the relevant link .

Business Database Pricing?

* VAT is not included in our prices.

By multiplying the data unit price corresponding to the service you requested for pricing with the number you requested, you will obtain the result by adding up the data preparation fee corresponding to the number.

For example, you calculate pricing for X pieces of data as follows;

Data unit price corresponding to the desired number x Number + Data usage fee corresponding to the desired number

  • 0 x 500 + 200 = 200 TL for 500 pieces of data

  • 0.25 x 15000 + 500 = 4250 TL for 15000 pieces of data

* Click to view our contract text.

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