Turkey Quarter Data

Turkey Quarter Data

Turkey neighborhood offer two different data content.

Basic Neighborhood Data

Turkey showing the neighborhood polygon boundaries are spatial data in WGS84 coordinate system. You can purchase the data set in Esri Shape Files, SQL, Mdb, Gdb formats. Locations of 30050 from 31858 neighborhoods are provided. The latest metropolitan law has been updated in accordance with municipal border changes. Our prices include VAT. Delivery of purchased data takes a maximum of 1.5 business days.

  • Ürün Detayı

    Neighborhood data and Socio-Economic Statistics

    Neighborhood-based SES (Socio-Economic Status) data for 2015 Mapaktif A.Ş. Prepared by. Turkey's top general in 31.800 neighborhoods, Medium-High, Mid-Sub, this spatial data is divided into categories Old (paired with digital maps) as you can.

    You can view the Socio-Economic Status data online at ilceharitasi.com in the demography layer.

    Determination of target audience area with Socio-Economic Status data, location determination for franchise / new branch, social-economic analysis, measurement of potential to open a business, probable turnover calculations, etc. It can also be used in pre-investment research across the country while conducting studies.

  • Temel Mahalle ESRI Shapefile

    Örnek Temel Mahalle Verisi ESRI ShapeFile dosyasını indirmek için tıklayınız.

  • Mahalle Verisi ve Sosyo Ekonomik ESRI Shapefile

    Örnek Mahalle Verisi ve Sosyo Ekonomik ESRI Shapefile dosyasını indirmek için tıklayınız.

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