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Retail Trade Analysis

Retail Trade Analysis is actually perhaps the last action an expert does. Until you get to that point, you collect a lot of information.

Where should I open a branch, which branch does not use its potential enough, where should I do my ads, what is the effect of my ads on sales, how successfully my regional managers use the potential in the region, how can I finalize the boundaries of the franchise points, I have problems at the addresses in the call center, where are my competitors, my possibility to sell I want to see the distribution of the companies that exist, I want to provide a map to my field team, I have some plans in mind regarding the use of maps but I don't have time to deal with… Now the map is everywhere.


Do not assign a staff member to investigate and waste money, time or people with sloppy information.

Map, GIS (GIS), SES, potential, UAVT (National Address Database), Address Parsing, TR Administrative System, Online Map Publishing, Printed Maps, Cartography, Retail Trade and GIS, Coordinate Systems, Point , Polygon, Polyline, Geographical Data: We enable you to do more competent work in tens of issues such as Road, Neighborhood, Door No within 1-2 days.

If you want to get more detailed information about retail trade GIS consultancy, you can contact us on our contact page.

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